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The Founder

Ferial Salmani

Ferial Salmani was born in August 1985 in Shiraz; she completed her education in Tehran and then entered university with a high grade and started studying painting in Art University. Her passion for art during her adolescence moved her toward art-related activities after graduation from the university and soon she started working in interior decoration market. In 2010, Ferial decided to try beauty-related activities and entered beauty market. Since her sister, Farnaz Salmani was then a reputed and successful brand in fashion design market the way ahead into this market seemed paved and attractive. At the same year, Ferial established Chilai Beauty Salon in Zaferanieh district, Tehran. The agenda was presenting a wide range of beauty services. Ferial attended in advanced makeup courses held by famous makeup artists such as Mario & Saer Khouzami and received valid certificates. Her strong passion and academic records in art paved the way for her to achieve brilliant progress and reputation. Ferial Salmani aims to develop her activities beyond ordinary borders of beauty market and production of cosmetics is an instance of her endeavor into an exciting venture.